We're All Gonna Make It | A crypto & NFT newsletter for everyone

Wes Pengurson, here, an anonymous pixel penguin. So you’re curious about WAGMI, a newsletter that I’m pitching as a "Morning Brew for the crypto & NFT curious".

This penguin has been wondering what he can build in the industry for a while now. I'm not an expert trader who can sling charts that make your dog, its cousin, and its cousin’s cousins 100X in one hour so I didn't feel like I could add much to that space.

I’m not incredibly interested in doing long-form educational content, but I got to thinking, are there any Market Brew type newsletters for those who just want to keep up with the space over coffee in the AM?

  • Is there a newsletter with small snippets of explanation written with normal human words so anyone can understand them?

  • Something that covers both NFTs and crypto?

  • Something completely irreverent and doesn't take anything seriously.

  • Something that documents the cultures of the space, the inside jokes, the crazy sales, the things people will look back on in ten years and shake their heads and laugh?

Welcome to We’re All Gonna Make it

What can you expect from We’re All Gonna Make It?

Good question.

This penguin works a full-time job and has three tiny penguins, so, for now, this newsletter will be an experiment. I’m planning on making it a bi-weekly, for now, with the hopes of moving it to every week, and, who knows, maybe someday every morning.

No matter when it comes, here’s what you can expect.

  • Irreverence, jokes, bad analogies, dad jokes. No one and nothing is safe.

  • Masterfully crafted bullet point lists.

  • Tiny recaps of what's gone on in the crypto/NFT space. This will include news, new projects, but the purpose won't be "alpha" for making sick gainz, bro, but things that are interesting/cool. The goal will help people who can't spend tons of time on Crypto Twitter, keep up.

  • A "culture" section where we talk about, basically, what's happened on Crypto/NFT Twitter. What traders have sold internet pictures for ridiculous amounts, new copy/pasta tweets, solid tweets from solid folk.

  • A "Not financial advice" section where we talk about upcoming projects, drops, interesting protocols, what is $RARE, why does it matter? Obviously, this won't be financial advice.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please subscribe to this newsletter and, maybe, if you could, please share it? If you do either of these things, you'll for sure make it.

See you soon,

Wes P.